USA-Balkans: Brian Hoyt Yee persona non grata in Washington

Brian Hoyt Yee is no longer working of the US State Department, and, according to his own admission, no decision has been made about his appointment as ambassador in one of the Balkan states.

So, all the ultimatums, and threats that Brian Hoyt Yee had issued to Balkan governments during the last year, although originally believed to be the official position of the American administration, seem to have not been the case – Hoyt Yee was following someone else’s agenda.

Some media report that Hoyt Yee resigned from the State Department while some that he was fired. The President of the Republic of Srpska, Milorad Dodik claims the latter, saying that the US official “lied to the media that he handed in his resignation in order not to lose his credibility as a powerful state official”.

Historian Aleksandar Rakovic says that someone obviously had decided that Hoyt Yee’s policy towards the Balkan countries was detrimental, and that instead of making allies out of those countries, Hoyt Yee did just the opposite.

“Brian Hoyt Lee is probably not going to longer visit us any longer, except as a civilian. He is the second US official in the row who fired from his position and who participated in the direct reintegration of Montenegro into NATO. Prior to this, Michael Carpenter was replaced by the Trump administration. Hoyt Yee, it seems, slipped through the cracks of the system in 2017 and managed to continue to operate in line with the old Clintonian policies. Now, in accordance with the changes in the US foreign policy, he has become persona non grata. We still don’t know whether he was actually fired or chose to leave the State Department”, Rakovic explains.

(Vecernje Novosti, 25.01.2018)–Vasingtonu

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