US Secretary of State Pompeo calls on Kosovo to retract higher customs tariffs

The US administration has called upon the authorities in Kosovo to scrap the 100% higher customs tariffs introduced on imports coming from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and work with Serbia in order to avoid provocations and tension.

This was said following a meeting between the US State Secretary, Mike Pompeo and Kosovo’s president, Hashim Thaci.

“Normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia is the only way to give way to the integration of both countries within the community of western countries. The United States of America is ready to assist the sides to achieve an applicable agreement which would increase stability”, the press release says.

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Meanwhile, president Thaci declared that: “The US State Secretary Pompeo offered his strong support in order for a deal to be reached between Kosovo and Serbia as soon as possible in a transparent, efficient and implementable way.”

The US Secretary of State also encouraged Kosovo to seize this unique window of opportunity to reach a historic comprehensive normalization deal with Serbia under the EU-facilitated Dialogue process. 

The Secretary reaffirmed steadfast U.S. support for a sovereign, independent Kosovo, fully integrated into the international community. The Secretary congratulated Thaci and all of Kosovo’s citizens on the great strides they have made in the decade since independence and discussed the importance of enshrining rule of law and fostering robust economic growth to ensure Kosovo’s future success.

After the meeting, Thaci said for Voice of America that he had “an excellent meeting with the US Secretary of State” and that “the United States has once again confirmed their support for achieving a peaceful, final and lasting solution between Kosovo and Serbia, with the possibility of mutual recognition, namely replacing resolution 1244 and Kosovo becoming a UN member”. Thaci went on to say that Pompeo gave his strong support the dialogue and negotiations between Serbia and Kosovo and the two sides reaching an agreement as soon as possible.

“If Serbia and Kosovo did not have problems, there would be no need for negotiations. Both countries are independent, sovereign and autonomous in decision making. Our region is at the crossroads, and it is necessary that Serbia and Kosovo reach a final agreement so that Kosovo once and for all can solve the problem with Serbia and focus on economic development,” VOA quoted Thaci as saying. After the meeting with the US Secretary of State, Thaci assessed that Kosovo was lucky to have the support of the United States.

(Danas, 27.11.2018)


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