US-owned company 3Lateral buys a land plot in Novi Sad for 7.7mln EUR

A land plot spanning nearly 6,500 square metres, located at 32, Radnicka Street in Novi Sad, has been sold for over EUR 7.7 million to the Novi Sad-based IT company 3Lateral.

At the Department for Building Land and Investments, where the auction was held, the only bidder was this IT company, which bought the land plot at the initial price of RSD 933,039,225 (slightly over EUR 7.7 million).

After the sale, the company’s representatives refused to introduce themselves or talk to the press, saying that the public would be subsequently notified of the purchase and the plans for the parcel, without specifying the date.

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Last year, one of the biggest US gaming companies, Epic Games acquired 3Lateral. The purchase of the land plot was announced several months ago by the city authorities and the mayor of Novi Sad, Milos Vucevic, who said that the company would buy a land plot in Radnicka Street and invest EUR 20 million.

According to the recently adopted spatial plan, the land plot will be used for the construction of seven-floor and ten-floor buildings which will be used both as office and residential space.

(, 09.06.2020)


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