US denies visa to Serbian Army’s Chief of Staff

The U.S.’s rejection of a visa application for the Serbian army chief of staff will have consequences for military relations between the two countries, Serbia’s defense minister, Aleksandar Vulin warned on Thursday.

Vulin said that it was unclear why the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade rejected the visa for General Ljubisa Dikovic, who in October was invited to a counter-terrorism conference in Washington.

Vulin said the refusal to issue Dikovic a visa “doesn’t contribute to our cooperation and leaves a bad trail.”

The U.S. Embassy has refused to comment on the general’s application.

Serbian human rights groups have accused Dikovic of war crimes committed by his troops during the 1998-99 war against ethnic Albanian separatists in Kosovo. He has never been tried for the alleged crimes.

“General Dikovic is a brave and honorable officer and the pride of the Serbian army,” Vulin said. “His war path can’t be the reason for the rejection of the visa.”

(The Washington Times, 11.01.2018)


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One Reply to “US denies visa to Serbian Army’s Chief of Staff”

  1. Hannah Montcolly says:

    Maybe still smarting from their collosal idiotic and quite frankly insulting mistake of arresting General Dikovic…..accusing him of war crimes….what a bloody nerve…actually taking this man into custody…. reading a list of war crimes….how abnoxious and stupid the Americans are. Tripping over themselves to drag another Serb before their “bought and paid for” Hague War Crimes Tribunal only to find a man of integrity…not that the Americans knew the meaning of the word…..a seasoned and professional soldier he actually kept proper accurate and legal records…..not the fabricated type that the Americans produce without fail…… Then once proved innocent beyond all doubt, General Dikovic was cold shouldered at the UN….. So no suprise to me that America behaves is such a shoddy ill mannered fashion…..if this was one of their General’s being treated this way…??? The shit would fly…..

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