US Ambassador: “Results of US election will have no bearing on Serbia”

The US Ambassador to Serbia, Anthony Godfrey, believes that US policy towards Serbia will not change regardless of the outcome of today’s US presidential election.

“Both Democrats and Republicans strongly support the renewal and deepening of relations between our two peoples”, the Ambassador told the Blic daily.

“Washington sees strengthening the cooperation with Serbia as important, and I am pleased that the U.S. administration has been able to infuse new energy and give a boost to the process of economic normalization. The US administration will not deviate from this after the election too,” the Ambassador added.

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He also assessed that the prosperity, democracy and European Integration of the Western Balkans are of fundamental importance for the common security.

“Every new American President has different priorities, but since World War II, our security and prosperity have been linked to those of our allies in Europe. Therefore, I do not expect significant changes in the US foreign policy, regardless of the outcome of the elections,” said Godfrey.

He described the US presidential election as complicated but exciting and dynamic and compared them to a democratic battlefield.

“Electoral voting is a valuable non-violent weapon and as the most powerful we have in a democratic society, we must use it,” concluded the U.S. ambassador.

(B92, 03.11.2020)



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