US Ambassador Kyle Scott: Kosovo is a sovereign country

The US Ambassador to Serbia, Kyle Scott said that the Kosovo government should not be referred to as “the so-called Kosovo government”, because Kosovo was an independent and sovereign country, with its elected representatives.

Scott responded in this manner while answering a journalist’s question if there was hope for peace while Serbia was being continuously pressured on discussions with the so-called government of Kosovo. 

“They are elected representatives of Kosovo and we have contacts with them as with any representative of the countries of the region,” Scott said.

Scott said stability in the region could have been better, but there was progress, and that one of the key elements was economic development.

“One of the ways to achieve this is to have a project like the Morava Corridor we are talking about today, which will improve the lives of Serbian citizens and contribute to economic and political stability,” Scott said.

The Ambassador of the United States attended the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the American company Bechtel in the Government of Serbia for the construction of the Morava Corridor, Tanjug reports.

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Earlier, following the news that Kosovo was planning to form its own army, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that “formation of a Kosovo army, under that or another name, is something that is causing fear and apprehension”, adding that he was hoping the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue would somehow be resumed soon.

A resumed dialogue would reduce tensions resulting from things like this, which could cause problems for everyone, he told reporters in a comment on an announcement that Pristina’s decision on the establishment of a Kosovo army was due this week.

He also commented on the Ambassador’s Scott statement about America viewing Kosovo as a sovereign country and said;”Regardless of how Ambassador Scott or the US administration view Kosovo, for us, Kosovo is still the so-called state of Kosovo”.

Vucic continued:”It would have been nice if he (Scott) showed a bit more respect for the host country”. He also reminded that the US stance on Kosovo’s independence was nothing new and that, despite that, the US is a superpower that Serbia has to continue talking with.

(Politika, B92, 15.10.2018)

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