US Ambassador: “If you rely only on Russia, it will be harder for you”

Serbia should make its own decisions on the issue of energy supply, but it is best for it to diversify energy sources and the way the country generates its energy, said the US Ambassador to Belgrade, Anthony Godfrey.

“If you rely only on supplies from Russia, it will be harder for you to negotiate a favourable price. We expect that Serbia will soon participate in a very important programme that entails importing gas via Greece. It is important to introduce new energy sources, above all, green energy sources. I am proud that American companies are cooperating with Serbia to that end,” Godfrey told Prva TV.

Godfrey commented on the fact that it would be more expensive for Serbia to buy natural gas through the American company and said that he talked a lot about it with President Aleksandar Vučić and reiterated that it is best for Serbia’s long-term energy future to diversify energy because then it will have the opportunity to secure a better price (of gas).

“President Vučić’s goal is for Serbia to take part in another gas pipeline with its Balkan partners, so that the country would have access to energy sources outside Russia. Unfortunately, we see that Russia uses its energy supplies for political purposes and Serbia should not be a hostage of only one energy source. That is a wise policy and President Vučić understands that well “, said Godfrey.

Godfrey stated that the bilateral security cooperation between Serbia and the United States is at the highest level and that official Washington does not blame Serbia for the latest purchase of weapons from Russia.

“We acknowledge that Serbia has opted for military neutrality. If Serbia wants to be a partner with Russia, we accept that as Serbia’s decision, but we also want it to be a partner with the United States. I can confirm, though, that our bilateral security cooperation is at the highest level,” Godfrey said.

(Politika, 30.12.2021)



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