UPS: “We’ll propose to the government to pay out three more minimum wages this year to SMEs”

The director of the Serbian Association of Employers (UPS), Srdjan Drobnjakovic, said that the UPS would submit a proposal to the Serbian government to help small and medium-sized enterprises by disbursing three minimum wages for their employees in 2021 and a new postponement of payment of taxes and contributions for six months.

He told Beta news agency that, due to the difficult financial situation, which is a consequence of the limited flow of goods and people caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, plenty of companies with up to ten employees would shut down or resort to the shadow economy.

“Plenty of SMEs would have to either close down or start operating illegally because they have no other way of paying their financial obligations. I believe that the state will be able to foresee the potential damage and find a way to once again help them,” Drobnjakovic said.

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He added that the old contracts with business partners either expired or about to expire and that concluding new business deals has become quite difficult.

Drobnjakovic also said that UPS had launched an initiative for hostels and ethno-houses to be equalized with hotels in terms of financial aid, as well as for bakeries to have equal treatment with bars and restaurants.

He went on to say that the bombastically announced loans from the Development Fund were not disbursed as expected, as the requests of many owners of hospitality facilities had been rejected, whereas a number of them had not received a response to their loan application since April.

Drobnjakovic added that UPS had launched an initiative to reduce the rent of state-owned vessels that are being rented by hospitality facilities like bars and restaurants.

(, 04.01.2021)


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