Upheaval in the Democratic Party: Petrovic wants Lutovac out

The real reason behind the recent decision of the Democratic Party (DS) to disband several local branches after the session of the main committee was “to preparing the terrain” for removing Zoran Lutovac from his position as the party’s president, and that the current mayor of Sabac and one of the leaders of the Alliance for Serbia, Nebojsa Zelenovic, to take over.

According to the sources of the Vecernje Novosti daily, all the branches that have been dissolved, including those in Smederevska Palanka, Aleksandrovac, Trstenik, Kovin and Plandiste, are opposed to the idea of Zelenovic, after joining the DS-led parties, to over the newly formed alliance. Namely, many members of the DS are afraid that, in that case, it would be Dragan Djilas and Dusan Petrovic, head of the Political Council of the Alliance for Serbia, would be ruling the party from the shadow.

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The decision to dissolve the local branches was made by the Executive Committee of the DS, which is currently led by Dusan Kostadinovic, who is allegedly very close to Petrovic. And Petrovic is the one who is pushing the idea of Zelenovic becoming the president of the united DS and, through Kostadinovic, is lobbying with the party’s branches to support this option.

The head of the DS’ branch in Smederevska Palanka, which is now dissolved, Radoslav Milojicic criticized this decision at the branch’s session He accused Lutovac of not devising an official policy for the party and completely merging DS with the Alliance for Serbia.

Milojcic also said that Lutovac, as the DS President, was completely invisible and that he did not have the capacity to lead the party. Milojicic also added that it was unacceptable that nobody from the party reacted to the appeal made of Bosko Obradovic, a coalition partner from the Dveri Movement, to send thousands of troops to Kosovo, which would pull the country into another war.

(Vecernje Novosti, 04.06.2019)



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