Up-to-date coverage of 2023 Serbian election

Citizens of Serbia are today voting for a new Parliament (National, Vojvodinian and Belgrade). A total of 18 parties and alliances are battling for the support of the 6.5 million-strong electorate for 250 seats in the parliament.

The threshold for entering the parliament is 3% of votes. Polls will close at 8 p.m. Though exit polls are prohibited by law, the first unofficial results from pollsters based on monitoring of counting at a nationwide sample of poll stations are expected after 9 p.m. The state election commission is expected to announce full results in the coming days.

A pre-election opinion poll by the Nova Srpska Politicka Misao website placed the SNS and its alliance Serbia Must Not Stop in the lead with 39.8% of the vote, followed by Serbia Against Violence alliance at 25.6% and the Socialist Party (SPS) of outgoing Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic, a long-time SNS coalition partner, with 8.9%.

The regular deadline for local elections in Serbia was spring 2024 and, as the ruling SNS party tends to combine multiple levels of elections, the current government’s mandate was expected to last until then. This parliamentary election is the third time that Kosovo Serbs will be casting their votes for a Serbian election but on the territory of Serbia, not in Kosovo.

According to the CRTA non-governmental organization, the turnout by 4 p.m. was 42.1%, which is one percent lower than in previous elections. As for Belgrade, the turnout was 41.4%.

18:00 h – According to the state electoral commission, the turnout by 6 p.m. was 51.93%. The breakdown per region is the following – Vojvodina 52.24%, Western Serbia and Šumadija 52.75%, Southern and Eastern Serbia 51.84% and Belgrade 51.07%.

19:00 h – 55.9% of voters in Serbia cast their ballots, election observer NGO CeSID said. In the same period, 54.3% per cent of voters voted in Belgrade.

20:00 h – Polls in Serbia are officially closed! First projections of the election results are expected to come in at 21:30h.

20:50 h – The first results of the diaspora’s voting are in. The SNS won the majority of votes in Linz, Austria, followed by the Serbia against Violence coalition, the Serbian Radical Party and the Zavetnici-Dveri coalition.

21:12 h – First preliminary results from Serbia. In the town of Vrnjačka Banja, the SNS won 56.52% of the votes. 

21:30 h – Serbian PM, Ana Brnabić, states that, based on 50% of processed samples, the SNS won 47.1% of votes.

21:45 h – With 72.6% of the votes counted, here are the preliminary results:

1) Aleksandar Vučić – Serbia cannot stop: 46.7%, 129 deputies

2) Serbia against Violence – Miroslav Aleksić, Marinika Tepić: 23%, 63 deputies

3) Ivica Dačić – Prime Minister of Serbia: 7%, 19 deputies

4) NADA Coalition – dr Miloš Jovanović, Vojislav Mihailović: 4.8%, 13 deputies

5) Mi, glas naroda – dr Branimir Nestorović: 4.7%, 13 deputies

6) Nacionalno Okupljanje – Dveri, Zavetnici: 3.07%, 6 deputies

7) Alliance of Hungarians of Vojvodina: 1.8%, 6 deputies

8) SPP and DSHV coalition: 0.8%, 3 deputies

9) SDA Sandžak – dr Sulejman Ugljanin: 0.6 odsto, 2 deputies

10) Albanians’ political struggle continues – Shaip Kamberi: 0.4%, 1 deputy

11) Russian Party: 0.3%, 1 deputy

12) Dr Vojislav Šešelj – SRS: 1.5 %.

13) Good Morning Serbia – SDS, DJB, Ana Pejić: 1.2 %.

14) People’s Party – Siguran izbor, ozbiljni ljudi: 0.9 %.

15) Čedomir Jovanović – Mora drugačije: 0.2%


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