Up to 70% of freelancers would be willing to pay taxes

According to a survey conducted by NALED, as many as 70% of freelancers would be ready to pay taxes and payroll contributions for their work.

They consider the high tax rate, inadequate legal framework and insufficiently clear instructions for calculating tax liabilities as the key problems they face.

The survey, involving 480 respondents, was carried out in November, also shows that freelancers who earn an average of 1,085 euro per month, would set aside a maximum of 110 euro or up to 12% for taxes and contributions.

A fifth would give less than 3,000 dinars toward tax debt, most even less than 1,000 dinars.

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“Half of the freelancers would pay taxes and contributions only during the period they work, which the tax system allows them to do. 31% of the surveyed freelancers say they do not want to pay taxes, citing high taxes, irregular income and distrusting institutions as the causes,” says Igor Lončarević, vice president of a NALED’s council.

He also adds that freelancers want to get something in return for paid taxes.

The survey results also indicate that for many freelancers, this is not an additional job, but practically a permanent job. For 4 out of 5 respondents, freelancing is their only source of income, 74% of them freelance throughout the year, and a quarter spends about 40 hours per week, a full working week, doing freelance jobs.

However, three-quarters of them would not want to replace their employment with a full-time commitment and a job contract.

According to the research findings, the average freelancer is a college-educated male who is between the ages of 20 and 40. They are primarily engaged in programming and IT services (21%), teach online classes (18%), as well as work in graphic design, web design, 3D design and modelling.

(B92, 29.12.2020)


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