University of Belgrade Vice-Chancellor:”Without a doubt, Mali plagiarized his doctorate”

The vice-chancellor of the University of Belgrade, Ratko Ristić, said that the University of Belgrade will certainly react after the Administrative Court overturned the decision declaring the disputed doctorate of the Minister of Finance, Sinisa Malog, as plagiarism, and added that the University’s legal department’s analysis is pending.

The analysis will contain a proposal on how the University should act in terms of protecting its interests in this case.

“The Professional Ethics Committee has quantified, that is, measured how much of his Ph.D. thesis Siniša Mali plagiarized and determined that he behaved in a manner that is contrary to being an academic citizen,” Ristic said and added that he should bear the consequences in accordance with what was determined by the Professional Ethics Committee.

The vice-chancellor of the University of Belgrade also stated that “it would be nice to check which faculties the judges of the Administrative Court (who determined that Mali’s Ph.D. was not plagiarized) graduate from. “Also, let’s see what legal guidelines they followed (in their ruling) and why they are usurping and hindering the University’s autonomy with their judgments,” Ristic added.

To remind, Mali received his Ph.D. in 2013 from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences (FON) in Belgrade on the theme “Creating value through restructuring and privatization processes – theoretical concepts and achievements in Serbia”.

The investigation of Mali’s thesis, who, in the meantime, made a career in politics and joined the Serbian government as Minister of Finance, lasted five years.

The Faculty of Organizational Sciences initially decided that the Minister’s thesis had not been plagiarized, since, as stated, only 7% of the text had been copied without citing the source.

On 12 December 2019, the University of Belgrade Senate rejected Siniša Mali’s doctoral degree, but this decision was subsequently annulled by the Administrative Court on procedural grounds.

(N1, 26.03.2023)

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