United Opposition of Serbia formed

The members of the group of opposition parties, Alliance for Serbia (SzS) and other parties and movements which boycotted country’s general elections on June 21, agreed on Monday to act together in a new organisation the United Opposition of Serbia (UOS).

“Because of the dramatic political situation, and the need for a broader front of acting, the United Opposition of Serbia will accept all parties and movements ready to fight for the respect of the Constitution and the rule of law, and against the authoritarian regime based on the will of one man (President Aleksandar Vucic),” an SzS statement said.

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It added that the nationalist Dveri movement, a member of the SzS, would not join the UOS, but both sides said they were “ready to cooperate in fighting for media freedom and restoration of democracy in Serbia.”

“In the coming days, the UOS will inform the public about its members and announce its further activities,” the statement said.  

(Nova, 04.08.2020)


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