Unfair competition? Proceedings against Imlek and Apatin Brewery

The Competition Commission has initiated proceedings against the dairy company Imlek and the Apatin Brewery. The proceedings were initiated against these two companies, both as suppliers and retailers in the market, on the grounds of unfair competition since they allegedly concluded restrictive agreements and set a minimum sale price.

The proceedings to investigate competition infringements in the beer and dairy wholesale markets were spurred by 23 companies that are direct competitors of Imlek and the Brewery, the Commission says.

The proceedings were launched after a sectoral analysis of the retail market in food, beverage and tobacco shops for the period 2017-2018 was done and following analysis of the contracts collected between suppliers of individual products and their customers.

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The Competition Commission invited all persons who have available relevant data, documents or other information that may contribute to a more complete analysis of the facts regarding the case to submit them immediately.

(B92, 22.02.2020)


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