UNESCO asking Aleksandar Vucic for clarity on contradictory COVID-related numbers

The European Department of Bioethics of the UNESCO organization called on the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, to explain the contradictory data on the number of people infected with COVID-19 and the number of those who died from the COVID-19 death in social welfare institutions, as well as to explain the reports of child abuse “and other criminal activities in social welfare centres”, and what has been done to stop these activities and to indict the suspects.

The Bioethics Department of the UNESCO organization insists on the police being given new powers related to social work centres that would protect children and other vulnerable groups in Serbia, especially during the current pandemic.

UNESCO proposes that new legal acts should be adopted that would allow the police to confiscate materials from social welfare centres, detain workers from those centres for up to 48 hours, as well as those who are involved with them in a joint criminal enterprise (these may be judges, officials of the line Ministry and all others who are well positioned in the criminal chain), with the request to prolong their detention until the suspects are investigated.

UNESCO said that, after the “useless letters” sent to them by the Prime Minister’s cabinet and the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Affairs, UNESCO now insists that the relevant regulation should be adopted immediately to allow police intervention in social welfare centres.

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“The response we received from the Prime Minister’s cabinet does not mention at all the key issue regarding the contradictory data on the number of people infected and deceased by COVID-19 in social welfare institutions,” the statement reads, adding that the proposal was sent to Aleksandar Vučić.

According to the statement, the head of the UNESCO Chair for Europe asked for an amendment to the letter “concerning very serious criminal activities in social welfare centers, such as child abuse and neglect, parental abuse, sale of children, assignment of children to foster families for the financial purposes, and even murders, which are all facts widely reported in the media.”

(Nova, 27.12.2020)







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