Unemployment on decline: 160,000 new jobs in 2017

In the last few days, Serbian authorities have been saying that the current unemployment rate in the country is the lowest in the last 25 years, and adding, that, by the year end, it will drop even further.

According to the data from the National Employment Office, close to 160,000 people in Serbia found employment in the period from January to August 2017.

Director of the National Employment Office, Zoran Martinovic says that there are still 638,000 unemployed persons in Serbia, and adds that, in the following four months, the unemployment will continue to drop to stand between 11% and 12% at the end of this year.

According to the latest data, the unemployment rate has more than halved relative to 2012 when 25.5% of the work-capable citizens of Serbia were without work.

What happened in the meantime? What is the reason behind this drop and which professions proved to be most in demand?

Martinovic explains that the reasons why unemployment has dropped are found in an increased economic activity, more FDIs, as well as a number of programmes and measures aimed to boosting the real sector and employment implemented by various government institutions, including the National Employment Office.

As for the professions that have been most in demand by employers, they are the following: IT professionals, economic technicians, sales staff, mechanical technicians / constructors, car mechanics, locksmiths, agricultural technicians, graduated economists (general economy, banking, finance), chefs and nurses.

(Blic, 17.08.2017)



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