UN Security Council to deal with Kosovo issue?

If Belgrade and Pristina come up with a compromise solution for Kosovo and Metohija, that should be also discussed by the United Nations Security Council – the Vecernje Novosti daily finds out from diplomatic circles.

If this happens, that means that the issue of Kosovo would come under international jurisdiction again. In 2010, the then Serbian government decided for the European Union to become a mediator in negotiations between the two sides, thus effectively taking the issue from international jurisdiction.

This sequence of events creates room for Belgrade to build its strategic position, supported by the official Moscow and Beijing, since, in the event that the Kosovo issue is discussed in front of the UN Security Council, Russia and the United States would play a decisive role.

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According to Vecernje Novosti, these two superpowers should discuss the modalities of resolving the intricate Kosovar issue. Moscow has given its firm assurances that it would support Serbia with any proposal it submits.

Former Ambassador, Milovan Bozinovic says for Vecernje Novosti that it would be politically logical for the agreement between Belgrade and Pristina to be presented in the Security Council, with Russia having a more pronounced role in this process.

“However, the Security Council can only discuss a document that had been harmonized and not the proposal that would cause Russia or the United States to vote against. If the solution is accepted by everyone, it could be tied to the Resolution 1244, which will finally put an end to this process,” assesses Bozinovic.

(B92, 24.08.2018)





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