Ukrainian Foreign Minister officially visits Serbia

Serbian Prime Minister, Milos Vucevic, met with the Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Dmytro Kuleba, yesterday in Belgrade.

Vučević conveyed to Kuleba that Serbia is committed to respecting international law and the territorial integrity of every United Nations (UN) member state, including Ukraine.

“We are open to friendly discussions on all issues and at all levels,” Vucevic told Kuleba at their meeting in Belgrade and thanked the Ukrainian minister for mentioning that Serbia has sent humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian people.

The Serbian Prime Minister informed Minister Kuleba on Belgrade’s positions regarding the situation in Kosovo and the resolution on Srebrenica, assessing that Pristina has not fulfilled any of the demands placed before it, and that it is unbelievable that, after almost three decades, someone is again raising the issue of Srebrenica.

Kuleba said that his visit is a message that there is room for further boosting the relations between the two countries.

“There are many differences between Serbia and Ukraine, but they also have many things in common, which is why it is possible for us to build the future together in many areas”, said the Ukrainian Foreign Minister.

Since the Ukrainian president recently said there are some countries that are, for their own purposes and goals, using the Ukrainian tragedy, Kuleba was asked if sees Serbia as one of those countries, and he said he cannot imagine what Serbia particularly gains from the war that Russia launched against Ukraine.

“I understand the difficulties that Serbian foreign policy has, but the fact that I am here in Belgrade today and the first lady of Ukraine is in Belgrade and she is having a joint event with your first lady speaks of the fact that we have a relationship, and both our countries are seeking ways to actually be helpful and understand each other’s positions. On my arrival here I already heard tons of comments about pro-Russian Serbia, and some people told me that this is such an opportunity for Ukraine to be visible because Serbians are pro-Russia. I don’t think Serbians are anti-Ukraine. I think Russia invests enormous amounts of resources in convincing Serbs that they have to be against Ukrainians, but if you look back at the history of our nations, actually Serbians and Ukrainians have much more in common and shared history than Serbia and the Russian Federation. And we are both Slavs, we are both Orthodox, and everything else is just Russian propaganda. But I understand your politics, you have your difficulties,” he said.

(, 13.05.2024)

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