U.S., British and German embassies: “We are not funding environmental protests in Serbia”

In a joint press release, the Embassies of the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany have rejected allegations that the three countries fund political or environmental protests in Serbia, saying that such insinuations do not reflect their partnership with Serbia.

The joint statement by the embassies of the three countries came after PM Ana Brnabic had claimed that foreign organizations and foundations had flocked to Serbia over the past year and a half to fund environmental movements and protests.

She also stated that the main donors were, for the USA, the Rockefeller Foundation, USAID, the Open Society Foundation, Nacionalna zadužbina za Demokratiju and many others, and for Great Britain, the Westminster Foundation for Democracy and the British Council, and several others from Germany.

The Embassies of the USA, UK and Germany say that the three countries have been among the most generous and reliable partners and friends of Serbia since the beginning of the democratic transition process in the country, providing financial assistance totalling more than three billion euros.

“We are clear and transparent about this assistance and our objectives: support for reforms, good governance, democratic development, green transition and prosperity,” the statement said.

They add that significant funds under this assistance have been allocated to the Serbian government or distributed in cooperation with the Serbian government and its agencies. These goals support Serbia’s proclaimed policy of moving forward in the EU accession process, as well as lend support to reconciliation and stability in the Western Balkans region, the statement says.

“We unreservedly reject all accusations that our countries, or the organizations through which we provide technical assistance and support, finance actions directed specifically against the Serbian government or any policy pursued by it, which includes the financing of protests. This is a damaging accusation; ours are organizations that have been supporting and working with the Serbian government and the Serbian parliament for years on their reform programmes and the development of democratic institutions,” the press release reads.

(RTV, 23.01.2022)


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