Typical SNS voter is 65 years of age and has modest education

The elderly and the poor with mostly elementary or high school education are the biggest supporters and voters of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS). They also tend to generally watch two TV stations – Pink and Happy.

These are the results of a survey conducted by the Social Research Office (BIRODI) at the end of April, which included a representative sample of 1,006 survey participants which was done via telephone, writes the Danas daily.

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Of the total number of respondents, 35.4% support the SNS, followed by 19.2% who are not going to vote and 11% are undecided.

10.6% of the respondents support Alliance of Serbia (Savez za Srbiju), followed by the SPS (4.2%), the Civic Front (Građanski front) 3.7%, Šapić’s SPAS with 2.9% and the Free Citizens’ Movement (Pokret slobodnih građana) with 2.7%.

Of the 35.4% of the respondents who support the SNS and Aleksandar Vučić, 58.7% are aged 65 and over, 32.6% of Vučić’s supporters are between ages 18 and 29 and 32.5% are between ages of 50 and 64.

As far as education is concerned, 58.1% of SNS voters have an elementary school education, 30.1% graduated high school while 7.7% are university graduates, the survey has shown.

The majority of Vučić’s supporters lives in eastern and southern Serbia (58.8%) and only 14.8% live in Belgrade.

The media which the SNS sympathizers mainly follow are TV Pink (70.2%) and Happy T (66.7%), while 45% and 43% respectively watch RTS and Prva TV.

Half of the survey participants favour Serbia becoming a member of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEA), 35.2% would like the country to join the EU, while 18.5% would like to see Serbia in NATO.

Finally, 29.8% believe that Serbia should not become a member of any of the above federations and organizations.

(Nedeljnik, 09.07.2019)



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