Two Serbian authors of children’s books among the top 200 in the world

The world’s largest library of international children’s and young people’s literature, Internationale Jugendbibliothek, based in Munich, has included two Serbian authors of children’s books in the list of the world’s 200 best writers in the annual catalogue it is preparing ahead of the largest and most important book fair in Europe, the one in Frankfurt.

These are the novel “Crna ptica”, by Vranje-based doctoral student in dramaturgy Aleksandra Jovanović, and “Kaput od mahovine”, by Leskovac professor of physical education and writer Stefan Tićmi.

Aleksandra Jovanović had won the Politikin Zabavnik Award for the best literary work for young people published in 2020, in the Serbian language, for the book that is now among the 200 best for children in the world, while Tićmi is the author of a children’s bestseller novel “Ja sam Akiko”.

“Crna ptica”, published by Kreativni Centar, is a novel about a twelve-year-old girl, Zelja, who longs to meet her father again, who died in a car accident, and in that longing becomes increasingly estranged from reality, turning to an unusual acquaintance called Vuk.

In addition to the Politikin Zabavnik Award and Maleni Cvet Award, given to her by the Niš authorities, Jovanović is also in the running for the regional Little Prince Award, which is awarded annually to authors of children’s books from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia and Serbia. In addition to Jovanović, Serbia is also represented by Danica Bogojević, author of the book “Zagrli Mesec”.

(Nova, 14.10.2021)


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