Two offers for Belgrade cable car, skate park to be relocated

Mayor of Belgrade Zoran Radojicic has said that he expects the contractor that will build a cable car from Kalemegdan to Usce to be chosen by the end of the year.

“Beginning with Monday, a group of experts will be evaluating the offers and, I hope, pick the best ones. We expect to select the contractor by the end of the year”, Radojicic said.

The estimated value of the project is about 1.8 billion dinars, the city government has said.

The selection of the most favourable bid will be made using the criterion “lowest offered price”, added Radojicic.

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The cable car route will be one kilometre long. On one end, the station will be located near Beton Hala, and on the other, close to the Usce Business Centre.

The deadline for submitting the preliminary project design is 15 days from the advance payment, while the deadline for drafting a feasibility study is 20 days from the obtaining of location permit from the competent authority.

The building permit must be acquired within 30 days from receiving the positive opinion from the Audit Committee.

“When all these conditions are met, the deadline for the completion of the relevant works is 275 days from the date of obtaining the building permit,” added Radojcic.

The cable car will have 25 cabins with bicycles allowed on board. Also, there will be accessible to disabled people. The minimum height of the lower end of the cabin will be 4.5 metres above ground (public traffic areas), 6 metres above the primary infrastructure lines and 12 meters above the Sava River.

The skate park near Usce will be moved to a new location.

The starting position at Usce will be set at 75 meters above ground, while the Kalemegdan station would be at 106 metres altitude.

“The cable car will be able to transport 3,000 people per hour in both directions, and the duration of the journey should be about five minutes. According to the evaluation, the money invested in the cable car should yield a return in about six years,” the mayor said.

(B92, 03.12.2018)


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