Two new artificial climbing rocks in Kosutnjak cost 1.2 million EUR to make

Two artificial climbing rocks were officially opened at Kosutnjak Park in Belgrade yesterday, which cost 1.2 million EUR in total to make.

“The artificial rocks are located in a public place. For now, people can use them free of charge, but as of April next year, they will have to pay a ticket to get in,” says Dejan Jovanovic of the Odbranimo Kosutnjak initiative, who reminds us that there no an adequate building permit was issued for the erection of these artificial rocks.

Yesterday, the Minister of Youth and Sport, Vanja Udovicic, inaugurated the two climbing rocks – one 35 meters wide (a so-called boulder rock) and the other one 15 metres high – calling them “a unique sports facility in this part of Europe, by which we are promoting a new Olympic discipline, as well as provide an excellent training grounds and organize climbing competitions”.

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It is indisputable that Serbian athletes should be able to have the best conditions to train, although it is not clear on what 1.2 million euros have been spent.

As previously written by BIRN, on November 26, 2018, the Institute of Sports and Sports Medicine of the Republic of Serbia concluded a contract stipulating the construction of these rocks with a consortium consisting of two Serbian companies, Eurodomus and PZ Operativa and one Bulgarian company, Walltopia.

In comparison, a similar artificial rock on the Alibaba site costs 200 dollars per square metre or 10,000 dollars apiece, while those erected in Kosutnjak cost up to 60 times more. The construction began at the end of February 2019 at the Kostunjak National Park in Belgrade, which enjoys state protection.

(Nova, 10.11.2020)

Photo credits: “Dragan Mujan/”.



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