Two Italian companies to open factories in Kula

Although the Kula municipality is facing quite a few problems, like high unemployment, the municipal officials say that things are starting to turn in Kula’s favour.

“Seveplant is about to open a production facility in our industrial zone, and the company plans to hire 50 people. Seveplant is producing seedlings, and their plan is also to open a processing facility and a big cold storage facility. Additionally, Italian company Fiorano, which produces underwear and swimming costumes, is also launching production here. Fiorano’s plan is to hire 300 workers. Another Italian company, Matteo is starting its production operations in nearby Feketic in mid-2018, and they will produce upper parts of shoes here”, says President of the Municipality of Kula, Velibor Milojcic.

He adds that Kula’s budget got a total of 420,000 EUR from selling seven hectares of land in the industrial zone to the aforementioned companies, and points out that those companies will have employed nearly 500 workers by mid-2018.

Mojcic says that investors were drawn to Kula’s industrial zone because it has good infrastructure that has all the required elements for production. The Capital Investment Administration even gave 8 million dinars towards installing lighting in the zone.

“The land plots that sell the fastest are the ones in the most prominent part of the industrial zone. We have no immediate plans to expand this zone because we have several other, smaller ones, in Ruski Krstur, Sivac and in Kula too. The latter one spans 6 hectares of land”, Milojicic explains.

(eKapija, 12.10.2017)

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