Two international airports to be built in Serbia – in Dobanovci and Novi Sad

According to the 2021 to 2035 Spatial Plan of Serbia, released by the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, the country will get two new international airports – one near Dobanovci, and the other just outside Novi Sad.

As the document says, due to the spatial limitations in the current location of the airport in Belgrade, a new location is planned, 10km west to the Nikola Tesla Airport, 24km away from Belgrade, in close proximity to the E-70 highway on the Grmovac-Dobanovci-Dec stretch.

The complex should span 1,100ha and have three runways, two passenger terminals, two cargo terminals, a logistics and free customs zone, modern navigation equipment and a light signalization system, as well as the 4F airport code.

When it comes to Novi Sad, construction is planned in the location around 15km southeast to the biggest city in Serbia’s north, close to the A1 highway, on the Kovilj-Sajkas-Budisava stretch. The new airport will cover an area of around 300ha and have the 4E airport code.

The close proximity to the railway creates an opportunity for the development of multimodal cargo transport, the documentation reads.

(Sputnik News, 04.04.2021)

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