Two foreign investors coming to Novi Knezevac industrial zone

The hope for economic recovery and higher employment in the municipality of Novi Knezevac could be justified with the arrival of two new foreign investors in the municipal industrial zone.

The President of the municipality, Radovan Uveric confirms this, and adds that the finishing works on the industrial zone will be completed soon.

“One investor comes from Italy, and another one from Hungary. These are serious companies which investments will result in jobs for between 80 to 100 people which would mean a lot for Novi Knezevac at the moment. These two foreign investors have already sent their letters of intent, have met with us and have expressed their satisfaction with the conditions in the municipal industrial zone. The zone is practically finished with only minor works to be done”, Uveric says.

The Novi Knezevac industrial zone is located just outside of the town, in the direction of Banatski Arandjelovac, and its construction started in 2006. Only until last year, it was used as a landfill, but since then has been transformed into a proper industrial zone.

The economic situation in Novi Knezevac is pretty grim since the biggest companies here, which were the driving force behind local development, have gone bust. Lepenka, one of the giants in paper industry which had over 800 employees, went bankrupt following privatization, and now has only 30 workers.

The only viable company in the area is Aleva, a food producer, which currently has around 340 workers. The company has announced recently that it would start building a new industrial complex worth over 10 million EUR soon.

(eKapija, Dnevnik, 01.11.2017)


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