Two Bulgarian investments coming to Serbia soon

“We will soon see two new Bulgarian investments being made in Serbia, and that is the concrete result of the economic forum in Sofia organized by the Serbian Embassy”, Serbian ​​Ambassador to Bulgaria, Željko Jović, told Tanjug news agency today.

He added that 30 companies from Bulgaria and seven from Serbia participated in the forum, which took place, on Monday, and after the plenary part, B2B meetings were held where business ideas were discussed.

“Three or four contracts have already resulted from that, which will be formalized soon, and we already have information that two Bulgarian companies will invest in Serbia very soon, one of which will be based in Šimanovci,” said Ambassador Jović.

Ambassador Jović also stated that the Bulgarian and Serbian business delegations discussed cooperation in the field of IT technologies, production and distribution of laboratory and medical equipment, machine industry, food and textile production sector and energy.

(Politika, 09.06.2021)



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