Twice higher fees for issuing driver’s licence

New amendments to the Law on State Administrative Fees will be in effect once they pass the parliamentary procedure. Under current legislation, people applying for a driving licence are now required to pay a basic fee of 480 dinars, while under the new provisions they will have to pay up to 1,100 dinars, the Blic newspaper reports.

The same applies to the issue of the probationary driver’s licence, for which citizens will have to now spend 1,100 dinars instead of the previous 480. Drivers will also pay significantly more for issuing duplicates of a new driving licence, which instead of 980 dinars will now cost 1,570 dinars.

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The new provisions will not drastically affect foreigners, because all those foreigners who want to replace a foreign license with a Serbian one will pay only 360 more dinars, instead of 8,510 the relevant fee will amount to 8,870 dinars.

The good news is all fees stated under the article 41 of the Law, which concern the issuance of temporary registration certificates, the issuance of cards with the words “P” for beginners, etc, will be abolished.

This Law is currently referred to as “law in procedure”, which means that, after being approved by the parliament, it will enter into force eight days after its publication in the Republic of Serbia’s Official Gazette.

(B92, 31.10.2019)

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