Turkish investor to open a factory in Leskovac – jobs for 300 people

The Leskovac authorities have decided to allow a Turkish investor to build a factory in the town’s Green Zone, spanning three 6.7-hectare-land plots. The investor plans to employ a total of 338 people there – the town councillor Milos Cvetanovic has said.

The town decree states that the Turkish investment is a project of state importance, and Cvetanovic points out that the local authorities said that the Turkish company had to employ at least 100 people and that their investment should value at over 2 million euro if they were to get the land plots for free.

According to the press release, the factory will produce automotive parts, employ 338 people and the planned investment will amount to 16.6 million euro.

 (Blic, 20.06.2021)


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