Turkish company to start building a textile factory in Arilje soon

The president of the municipality of Arilje, Milos Nedeljkovic, has announced that the Turkish company Erteks would start building a production facility in the town soon that would subsequently employ 400 people.

“A representative of the Turkish company Erteks, with which we signed a memorandum on cooperation this June, is arriving in Arilje. The company produces eco-leather and it plans to employ around 400 workers at this factory”, Nedeljkovic told Glas Zapadne Srbije.

Nedeljkovic pointed out that the municipality had provided the location and that the land needed to be repurposed from agricultural land into construction land.

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“We have addressed the line ministry and we expect this process to be finished soon. If everything goes according to plan, the construction of the production facilities should start in early 2019. The equipment has arrived and is currently located in Belgrade. We are now looking for a warehouse in Arilje where the equipment will be stored until the construction starts”, the president of the municipality of Arilje specified.

The Turkish investor expects that as much as 80% of the products manufactured in their Arilje plant would be exported to the European and the Russian market and that the monthly exports would exceed EUR 2 million.

On the occasion of the signing of the memorandum, it was announced that the factory would have the latest technology, with a special focus on the environmental aspect of production.

In addition to the existing ones, more wastewater treatment filters have been bought and they meet the standards that exceed even those in the European Union.

The factory will span up to 3,000 square meters and be located on a 2-hectare land plot.

(RTV, 08.10.2018)



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