Turkish company to invest 1 mln EUR in reviving Perkon

The former textile giant from Velika Plana, Perkon declared bankruptcy in 2009. Back then, its assets were valued at 117 million dinars. The company was eventually put up for sale, and after five attempts, it was sold to the Turkish company Sercan Textile for 23.5 million dinars.

Perkon’s production hall spans 1,500 square metres where, back in the day, 200 employees made the popular winter jackets that were sold all over the former Yugoslavia, as well as exported. They also produced parts for sports equipment and clothing. However, following the bankruptcy, Perkon’s assets were damaged, and most machines were either destroyed or stolen. The new owner, the Turkish company Sercan Textile, is currently in the process of cleaning up the facility in order to prepare it for production.

“This is an excellent location, close to entire Europe. We won’t have any problems with the transport, and I don’t think we are going to have any problems with the workers. There is a lot of work ahead of us, but I do believe that we are going to succeed”, says Safet Saglam, the proprietor of Sercan Textile.

The Turkish company bought Perkon for 50% of its initial value and got five buildings for it, spanning 6,600 square metres, and a land plot of 75 acres in the centre of Velika Plana. They are planning on investing around 1 million EUR in reviving Perkon, and employing 150 people by December this year.

“We produce children, women and men’s T-shirts for well-known brands, and we export all over Europe”, Saglan adds.

The Turkish company was founded in 1997 and it employs 70 people in its main factory, plus another 400 as cooperatives. If the production in Velika Plana goes according to plan, Sercan will employ another 250 people in 2018.

The Speaker of the Velika Plana Local Assembly, Nenad Peric says that, following the arrival of the Turkish company, the taxes that the municipality collects will go up.

“This will be a whole new stream of revenue for us. Also, one of the revenue for us is salary tax, and considering that up to 400 people will work in Sercan, this again means new revenue for us”, Peric adds.

(RTS, 05.09.2017)



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