Turkish Company Teklas Automotive Opens a Factory with a 11.35M Euro Investment

Yesterday in Vladicin Han, Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic opened a new factory belonging to the Turkish investor Teklas Automotive, which produces spare parts for the automobile industry and will invest 11.35 million Euro.

Aleksandar Vucic and the Turkish ambassador to Belgrade, Mehmet Kemal Bozay, were present for the official opening of the company, which intends to hire 1,200 workers. The prime minister  also announced other investments in this region of Serbia and the arrival of new investors from Turkey.

Vucic noted that the government provided 4.7 million Euro in subsidies to provide the citizens of Vladicin Han with a future. “This is a great day not just for Vladicin Han, but also for the Pcinjski and Jablanicki regions and the whole of Serbia,” Vucic said.

In recent years, Vucic pointed out, all the factories in this part of Serbia were destroyed and the population declined to 21,000 from 28,000. He stated that this city will become a place where people can find work and live.

Moreover, the prime minister said that this factory will produce spare parts for Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and Volkswagen, the largest European manufacturers. It also intends to expand its production and open new factories in Vladicin Han.

Vucic declared that it is very important to finish construction on the most important streets in this part of Serbia in order to attract new investors.

The investment will be completed by 2018. By this point, the workforce of 400 in the first trimester is expected to expand to 1200 employees and a net profit of 20 million Euro is expected to be reached.

Moris Darar, general manager of the Turkish company Teklas Automotive, said that this company decided to invest in Serbia due to the favorable conditions, the qualified and competitive work force, and the aid and support provided by the Serbian government.

Turkish Ambassador Mehmet Bozay noted that the prime ministers of both countries agreed to open the factory as quickly as possible in December 2015. This shows that Serbia and Turkey are both on the road towards Europeanization and that this collaboration will put both countries in better positions.  

(RTS, 07.04.2016.)

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