Turkish company Ormo to open factory in Lebane on 8th November

The Turkish company Ormo is getting ready to open its textile factory in Lebane called LebanTeks quite soon. According to the official website of the Lebane municipality, the production facility is supposed to be opened on 8th November.

The factory is supposed to hire between 300 and 350 workers, and will be engaged in processing up to 15 tons of wool a day. In the next stage, the Turkish company plans to up the number of workers to 450.

“The Ormo Company is willing to expand its production volume and this depends a lot on us too”, says the President of the Lebane municipality, Zoran Ilic.

According to acting director of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce’s regional office for Jablanicki and Pcinjski counties, Goran Jovic, this will be the first factory to be opened in the municipality of Lebane in the last 40 years.

“If the Turkish investor is happy with their factory in Lebane, we are going to start negotiations with another textile company too which can provide experts in this region, as well as with relevant educational facility regarding providing more trained staff”, Jovic announced.

(eKapija, 02.10.2017)


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