Turkish company Kentkart suing Belgrade authorities

Kentkart, the Turkish company which managed the ticket payment system in public transport in Belgrade for years, has sued the Belgrade government following the termination of the agreement, demanding EUR 17 million in damages, stated the outgoing mayor of Belgrade, Aleksandar Sapic.

“They controlled a system worth EUR 250 million a year. They cannot get the damages over EUR 1 million and I believe that they will have to pay us damages because we have proof that they have mismanaged the ticketing system”, Sapic added.

According to him, since the termination of that agreement, the ticket prices in the public transport system have been reduced, their sale has increased and “public transport functions much better than before”.

However, Nikola Jovanovic, from the Local Government Centre (CLS), disagrees and claims that the city transport company (GSP) has huge debts.

“GSP owes suppliers 6.5 billion dinars which means that the company is run poorly. By amassing more debt, it is also pushing its subcontractors and suppliers deeper into debt too”, Jovanovic added.

Sapic also addressed the delay in the construction of the new bus station, adding that the reason was that the outgoing city government had to adopt a temporary budget every three months, due to which many processes which lasted longer than that could not be started.

“It is our fault, not the fault of the Beogradska Autobuska Stanica (BAS) Company. The City Construction Directorate is to blame as they have not managed to finish the construction of a side road (leading to the new bus station). If they had, the entire bus traffic would have been relocated back in January or February”, he said.

(Danas, 24.04.2024)


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