Turkish company Kayra Textile leaves Serbia overnight

The Turkish textile company Kayra Textile d.o.o., which operated in Mali Zvornik for four years, emptied its production premises overnight.

The workers claim that they have not received the last three salaries and in lieu of these salaries, the company offered them products and sewing machines in compensation. The company also left huge electricity and water bills behind.

“Up until recently, our salaries were regular, but rumours were circulating among the employees that the company was not doing well and owed a lot of money to the municipality that had given it a production hall for free. My salary was close to ut 50,000 dinars a month and I barely made ends meet. Whenever we asked for a pay rise, the company promised but never delivered,” an anonymous worker said.

Since the company suddenly closed, more than a hundred workers were left without jobs. The company was founded in 2018 with the Serbian government transferring 75 million dinars to the local municipality which was later used to reconstruct the production hall. The initial agreement was for Kayra Textile to employ a total of 500 workers but that never happened.

However, the company claims that the closure is just temporary, while the president of the Mali Zvornik municipality, Zoran Jevtić, was not available for comment.

(N1, 15.01.2024)



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