Turkish company Bertex Textile closes its factory in Kragujevac

The Turkish company, Bertex Textile, has closed its factory in Kragujevac and put up for sale the building that housed the factory.

Most of the workers were made redundant over the weekend and left the company without severance pay.

Information about the departure of Bertex was confirmed by the Kragujevac City Administration, but they do not know why the factory was closed. The local authorities also said that Bertex was a private company and that they had no jurisdiction over it, as well as that none of the workers approached local authorities for help.

Some Kragujevac-based media outlets previously reported that Bertex “suddenly decided to leave”, that the workers stopped receiving their salaries back in September, and that they are owed money for transport costs and unused vacation days. A total of 95 workers (mostly women) have lost their job.

According to Danas daily, the Turkish company received state subsidies when starting its business in Serbia.

(Biznis.rs, 08.11.2022)


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