Turkish companies employed 7,000 people in Serbia so far – more jobs to come

Turkish investors currently employ 7,000 workers in their factories in Serbia, but this number will become significantly higher soon. In a few months, another 4,000 to 5,000 people will be employed in five new Turkish factories opening in Leskovac, Vladicin Han, Cuprija, Merosina and Kraljevo.

The vice president of the Turkish-Serbian Business Association, Fevzi Silik, says that the Turks are interested in continuing to invest, as Serbia provides the best conditions for doing business of all the countries in the region.

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The Turkish company, Jeanci was one of the first to open a factory in Serbia, back in 2010, and since then has been gradually expanding its production capacities. The company currently has 1,000 employees in Serbia and plans to employ another 500. A car parts factory, Teklas, came to Serbia immediately after Jeanci, and is currently on its way to open a third production facility in Vladicin Han.

“This company pays its workers the end-of-the-year bonus (the so-called 13th salary) and has even promised one more bonus on top of that one. The average salary in Teklas is around 35,000 dinars and the company employs 1,000 people in Serbia”, says the president of the Municipality of Vladicin Han, Goran Mladenovic.

Fevzi Silik, who also owns the Bosfor Hotel near Aleksinac and who recently acquired the Nisauto Company from Nis, says that there are 3,000 Turkish entrepreneurs active in Serbia.

“We can expect to see more Turkish investments, as business people are showing a great interest in the country on the account of its conditions for doing business. Based on my experience and the experience of other Turkish business people, I can say that Serbia is the best country for investments in the region,”  Silik says.

(Blic, 15.04.2019)


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