Turkey’s Teklas to take some of workers that Geox has laid off

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic continued his efforts to deal with the crisis following the closure of the Geox plant in southern Serbia, saying that 250 of the 1,200 people who lost their jobs would go to work for a local company.

Vucic said that the Teklas Company in Vladicin Han would start talks with former Geox employees on Friday with the promise of hiring 250 of them right away and 500 by March next year.

He said that Teklas employs more than a thousand people and plans to have a total of 2,500 workers. According to the Serbian President, Teklas pays higher salaries than Geox.

Geox closed its plant in the city of Vranje several days ago, giving very short notice to its staff after weeks of speculation whether the Italian shoemaker would pull out of Serbia. Geox is one of the companies that came to Serbia to benefit from state subsidies. Vucic has blamed its departure on the former authorities and his predecessor Boris Tadic.

When speaking to reporters, Vucic also said that he did not know of any other investors in southern Serbia who would like to withdraw, as Geox has done. Responding to the question of whether he was aware that the German company, Gruner, had sent over a hundred workers in Aleksinac on paid leave, Vucic said that he was no informed about that.

“I haven’t received any information about that so far. We don’t have information that any company in this part of Serbia plans to withdraw from the country,” Vucic said.

(N1, 05.08.2021)



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