Turkey’s Ringelsan launches production in Pozarevac

The Turkish textile company Ringelsan has hired the first 40 workers for its new plant in Pozarevac, This is the first foreign production investment in the town, while the Turkish company says it plans on hiring another 1,000 people in due time.

For more than two decades, from the collapse of Pozarevac’s textile industry, there was no sound of sewing machines in the town’s industrial zone. Thanks to the Turkish textile company, Ringelsan, the textile industry here is starting its revival. In the initial stage, the Turkish company hired 40 workers, mostly from bankrupt textile companies in the area.

Ringelsan is a well-known Turkish textile company, which operates in several countries. For the time being, they are making t-shirts in their Pozarevac facility to be exported to the European and the Russian markets. The company is planning to expand the production and increase the number of employees.

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Ringelsan’s production facility san is located in the former sugar plant, which the City of Pozarevac bought from the Privatization Agency two years ago in order to offer these premises to investors.

The workers claim that the working conditions at the plant are excellent, and that they are also undergoing training. “Our plan is to train around 300 workers in the initial stage with the end goal being 1,000 workers”, says Hakan Kroma, Ringelsan’s executive.

Salaries in the Turkish company are about 20% higher than the guaranteed minimum wage in Serbia. Ringelsan is the first foreign investor in a long time that came to Požarevac to open a production facility. Austrian company Stop Shop is also going to open a retail park in the town, employing 300 workers.

(RTS, 12.04.2018)



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