Turkey’s Macaron to open a textile factory in Pirot

The deputy mayor of Pirot, Milos Colic, stated today that negotiations with the owner of the Turkish company Macaron about the opening of a textile factory in that town were in progress.

“The Turkish company has been operating in Velika Plana for years and it now plans to open a production facility in the former Lola Sarlah factory, which it will rent for that purpose,” Colic told Beta.

This textile factory will produce clothing for well-known brands such as Lacoste and Moncler, he added.

“In Pirot, Macaron plans to employ nearly 200 workers in the first phase and later on another 100 or so,” Colic added.

According to him, the company’s owner plans to open the production facility in March.

“This is our contribution to reducing the unemployment in Pirot through the opening of new production facilities and the creation of new jobs. The city will help this endeavour, and it will also help other investors to open their production facilities in our town,” Colic said.

(N1, 12.01.2021)



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