Turkey’s Feka Automotive starts building a factory in Ćuprija

Turkish car parts maker Feka Automotive has started the construction of a 15 million-euro factory in Ćuprija, central Serbia.

Feka Automotive plans to hire 110 workers during the first phase of the development of the factory, and to increase their number to 550 in the future, the Ćuprija authorities said in a statement on September 17.

“They have laid the pillars and the expectation is that they will finish this job very soon. The owners plan to have the factory built by the end of this year, or maybe early next one,” said the mayor of Cuprija, Ninoslav Erić.

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The factory will be located in the Minel industrial zone in Cuprija on a plot of 7,637 square metres.

Feka Automotive is a family-run company that has been producing parts and components for the automotive industry for the last 30 years, primarily light signals, vehicle interior lights, mirrors and water tanks.

Erić also announced that Eurofiber was due to take over Turkey’s Tibet Mode and once that is done, the production will shift from knitwear to socks.

“Eurofiber has made a joint venture with a Chinese company, which is said to be the third biggest sock manufacturing company in the world, with the purpose of acquiring Tibet Moda. The machines have been bought and I expect the re-organization to take place in a month and a half,” Erić added.

Another Chinese company will open a production facility on the premises of the former Mladost graphic Industry. This company will produce plastic granules.

(Beta, 18.09.2019)


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