Turkey’s Feka Automotive expands production in Ćuprija

The Turkish investor Feka Automotive plans to build another plant in Ćuprija in addition to the existing one and hire more workers.

According to the mayor of Ćuprija, Ninoslav Erić. during Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s recent visit to Serbia, it was agreed that in addition to the existing one, another factory spanning 7,500 sqm will be built, bringing the total area to 15,000 sqm.

Upon completion of the construction of the second factory, an additional 370 workers are expected to be hired, according to the city’s website. “This is very important for our residents of Ćuprija, and of course also for the residents of Paraćin and Jagodina, because 500 workers will be employed in these two factories,” said the mayor.

He underlined that “work will start very soon, this month, because Feka has signed a contract with Stellantis stipulating production of electric car components, which will be manufactured in Kragujevac from 2024, so the new plant in the Minel Industrial Zone must be completed by September next year.” Erić added that the Municipality of Ćuprija has already secured another two hectares for the construction of a new plant by a Turkish investor.

The automotive components plant Feka Automotive started operation in July 2020.

(eKapija, 16.09.2022)


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