Turkey’s Erenli opens a new plant in Leskovac

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, attended the ceremony marking the completion of the first construction phase of the new factory of the Turkish company Erenli in Leskovac.

Vučić said that Erenly „is the 23rd Turkish investor in Serbia“ and that he hoped that more were to come.

On the occasion, Vučić also talked about the global natural gas and crude oil prices being at an all-time high. “If Europe decides to do without Russian oil, the price will rise to two or three times,” he said and added: „The ruble is down 38%, European banks are failing incredibly. The whole world is collapsing before us.“

The Turkish company Erenli has completed the first phase in the construction of its new production facility in Leskovac that will manufacture fluid circulation systems for motor vehicles,

Erenli has invested 16.6 million euros in this plant and until the end of last year had already hired 15 engineers and technicians, while during this year, it will employ about 150 workers. A total of 338 workers are expected to be employed in this factory by the end of the planned investment cycle in 2025.

The Turkish company will export the components it produces in the Leskovac plant to Spain, Italy, Portugal and Germany.

(Blic, 07.03.2022)





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