Turkey’s Doku-San Automotive to open a factory in Svilajnac

One of the foreign companies that decided to launch its production in Svilajnac is the Turkish company Doku-San Automotive, which was founded in 1974 and currently has 400 workers.

The company received incentives from the Ministry of Economy. The construction of the production plant is expected to be completed by April 20th, while the production launch is planned for mid-June.

“We chose Svilajnac because of its good geographical position, as we export to Germany, specifically to the Volkswagen Group. Furthermore, Svilajnac has a free zone, which is a great advantage for all companies that import of raw materials. As for our plans in Serbia, our project entails construction of an industrial plant spanning 2,500 square metres where we will employ 80 workers by the end of this year. Most of the workers will be from the municipality of Svilajnac”, says Miloš Davinić, director of the Doku-San Automotive Serbia.

Davinić also added that the company received a lot of support from the local government, which gave them an incentive to expand their capacities in Serbia over time.

“Given the fact that we bought two hectares of land, as we expand our business, we will also work on expanding the production plant and production capacities. For now, we are going to employ 80 people and as we expand, we will also hire new staff. We currently have 400 employees in Turkey and I sincerely hope that we will exceed that number in the Svilajnac plant”, he said.

(eKapija, 02.04.2024)



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