Turkey’s Cengiz interested in strategic partnership with RTB Bor

The owner of the Turkish conglomerate Cengiz Holding, Mehmet Cengiz, met up with the management of the Smelting and Mining Basin Bor (RTB Bor) this past Saturday to discuss the Turkish company participating in the tender for the strategic partner of RTB Bor.

At the beginning of the two-day tour of the RTB’s facilities in Bor and Majdanpek, Mr. Cengiz said that he wanted to expand the operations of the Cengiz Holding mining industry unit.

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“State companies do not have the option of making quick decisions, whereas private ones do, and that’s a great our advantage. All state companies we’ve privatized in Turkey are now operating successfully. Mining is a specific industry and I believe that, even if a country has the money to stimulate this industry, it’s not the country’s job, but a job for the private sector”, Mr. Cengiz said, as reported by RTB Bor.

Cengiz Holding consists of 35 companies with the annual revenues of over 5 billion dollars. It operates in the fields of construction, energy, mining, tourism and media, and through its companies Eti Bakir and Eti Aluminyum, it is expanding its operations in the field of mining.

The Holding owns a foundry in Samsun, the only metalworking facility in Turkey, as well as the underground copper mine, Kure. In May 2013, Cengiz Holding signed an agreement worth EUR 22 billion stipulating the construction of a third international airport in Istanbul.

(N1, 30.06.2018)


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