Turkey’s Acıbadem buys Serbian clinic Bel Medic

The Acıbadem Health Group, a Turkish hospital chain, on Wednesday became the majority owner of Bel Medic, a private health institution in Serbia with a 26-year tradition, under Acıbadem Bel Medic new name and with Dr Jasmina Knezevic remaining a co-owner and the CEO.

Besides Turkey, the Group operates in North Macedonia, Bulgaria and the Netherlands, with 22,500 employees, more than 4,000 doctors in 21 hospitals, and 16 medical centres. It has become the world’s second-largest Healthcare Chain under IHH Healthcare Berhad’s auspices.

Bel Medic was founded in 1995 by Jasmina and Milan Knezevic, and it had been accredited under European standards.

„I believe that the health service level in Serbia will rise thanks to the synergy in our cooperation,“ Mehmet Ali Aydinlar, the founder and CEO of Acıbadem Group.

Knezevic said he was satisfied that Bel Medic became a partner in the world-class hospital chain.

„Our citizens already have positive experiences with the Acibadem health care system, already recognised in Serbia by the highest level of medicine. I am sure that the strategic merger of two strong brands, such as Acibadem and Bel Medic, will bring world medicine closer to our citizens and contribute to Serbia’s economy,“ she said.

(N1, 01.04.2021)




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