Turkey to participate in construction of Belgrade-Sarajevo motorway

Deputy PM and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Zorana Mihajlovic has confirmed that Turkey will get involved in the construction of the Belgrade-Sarajevo motorway.

During a two-day visit of the Turkish President, Recep Erdogan to Serbia, which starts today, Mihajlovic and her Turkish counterpart, Ahmet Arslan will sign a letter of intent stipulating boosting and expanding the cooperation between the two countries in the segments of transport and infrastructure.

“Turkey has been supportive of this project since its very beginning and now we are going to have the letter of intent which confirms Turkey’s readiness to get more actively involved in the implementation of this project. Together with Turkey we are going to define the next steps in the project’s realization”, Mihajlovic explains.

She adds that the letter also encourages investments in transport infrastructure in the Western Balkans, and promotes the cooperation between Serbia and Turkey in this area.

“This is not the first project that Serbia is implementing together with Bosnia and Herzegovina, but it is definitely the biggest one, following the construction of the Ljubovija-Bratunac bridge, the construction of a nursery and the reconstruction of the main street in Srebrenica, and joint maintenance of the bridges of the Drina River”, Mihajlovic adds.

The Belgrade-Sarajevo motorway will be an extension of the Corridor 11, i.e. it will start where the 31km long Preljine-Pozega segment ends. What needs to be done next is to build a 60-km-motorway segment from Pozega, via Uzice to Kotroman, on the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to the relevant estimates, it will cost 830 million EUR to construct this motorway.

(Beta, 09.10.2017)



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