TS: ‘Grčić hasn’t been director of EPS for four years’

After yesterday’s government session in which President Aleksandar Vučić called on the acting director-general of EPS, Milorad Grčić, to take responsibility for the problems with the electricity grid caused by snow, the non-governmental organisation Transparency Serbia (TS) has said, that Grčić himself cannot be dismissed or resign from his position as an acting director of EPS, because he has not in fact been in that position for four and a half years.

According to Transparency Serbia, the government also cannot remove Grčić from office, because he has already ceased to hold office, but can only approve a decision stating that his term of office ended on 23 March 2017.

Twelve months have passed since that date, namely since Grčić was appointed acting director, and the Law on Public Enterprises stipulates that “the period of exercising duties of an acting director may not exceed one year” and that “the same person may not be appointed twice as acting director”. This is why it is said that Grčić ‘has no more rights to manage Serbia’s largest public company than any other citizen in Serbia’.

The statement adds that a relevant job advertisement was published on 23rd March 2016, the same day that Grčić had been appointed acting director in place of the sacked Aleksandar Obradović. Next job advertisement was published on 24th March 2017, but again the process of selecting a new director was not completed.

(RTV, 15.12.2021)




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