TS: “Government officials didn’t stop their political campaigns even during the state of emergency”

Serbia’s authorities functionary campaign has been lasting since 2014 without a break, and the promotional activities are intensified during the state of emergency introduced in fight Coronavirus epidemic, during which the head of state Aleksandar Vucic has continued with the practice of “dramatic national addresses,” Zlatko Minic, from Transparency Serbia (TS), has said.

TS election campaign monitoring team recorded Vucic’s address about the extremely complex situation in Serbia due to the epidemic, migrant crisis and low oil process on March 12, three days before he declared the state of emergency.

Even for the short 11-day campaign period before the state of emergency was introduced, Minic said the government officials’ campaigns were more intense and significantly more visible than the party’s activities.

Minic said that the public hadn’t learned so far what had happened with the migrant crisis and why would low oil prices be of any problem for Serbia.

“The question is where the need for such a dramatic speech comes from,” Minic added.

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According to him, during 56 days of the state of emergency, Aleksandar Vulin, Defence Minister, had 52 promotional activities, Labour Minister, Zoran Djordjevic 28 and Aleksandar Vucic 11.

Minic said that the practice of many things happening “on an initiative” or “with an approval” by Vucic. However, he added, those activities and decisions were not within the President’s jurisdiction, like delivering aid throughout Serbia, or initiating the distribution of 10,000 state flags.

His cabinet, Minic said, was approving and organising the return of the citizens from abroad before the Transport Ministry’s officially allowed so.

Minic added Vucic had organised even the public transport, after asking Prime Minister to abolish the decision that only people with monthly bus passes could use it.

“Vucic heads the Crisis Team in charge of the pandemic’s economic consequences, but the official President’s website doesn’t mention those activities of the Team, but publishes statements about the infected, sick and dead, although he (Vucic) is not a member of the medical part of the Team,” Minic said.  

(Naslovi.net, 11.05.2020)


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