Truth about Chinese companies in Serbia

There are a total of 7.031 Chinese companies registered in Serbia, i.e. the companies which have either a Chinese owner or a representative. Out of that number, 3,198 companies (45%) are active, and the rest (55%) have either been deleted from the business registry, or are in the process of liquidation.

According to an analysis conducted by , most of the Chinese companies in Serbia are engaged in retail trade (21%), followed by clothing trade (19%), textile retail trade (15%) and unspecified wholesale trade (10%). Only three percent (or 83 companies) are engaged in catering industry.

In terms of the enterprise type, most active Chinese enterprises in Serbia are limited companies (50%) and small businesses (48%). There are also 23 partnership companies, 12 associations, one shareholding company, and one business association.

Novi Beograd and Pancevo are the only municipalities where the share of Chinese companies in the total number of companies exceeds double digits. There are 650 Chinese companies in Novi Beograd alone, and 453 in Pancevo. These are followed by Novi Sad and Zemun, where their share is 4%, then Vozdovac, Subotica, Leskovac, Palilula (in Belgrade), Novi Pazar and Palilula (in Nis). A total of 55 Chinese companies are registered in these 10 municipalities.

In terms of the founding capital paid by Chinese companies in Serbia, most of them have founding capital of not more than 1,000 EUR (2,933 companies), 238 have the founding capital of between 1,000 EUR and 10,000 EUR, while there are 27 companies with the founding capital that exceeds 10,000 EUR. The total founding capital of all Chinese companies registered in Serbia is just over 14.1 billion dinars.

Top five Chinese companies in Serbia according to their founding capital:

  1. Mei Ta Europe Barič – steel company – 9,599,621,237.00 dinars
  2. Bank of China Serbia – 1,850,484,000.00 dinars
  3. DIPLON DOO BELGRADE – lumber, sanitary equipment and construction material trade – 834,240,434.00 dinars
  4. PRIVREDNO DRUŠTVO SVIDAX – architectural company – 365,398,752.00 dinars
  5. LITEN BALKAN – wholesale trade – 299,559,390.00 dinars

(Blic, 13.09.2017)


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